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Competency Management System

Our Competency Management System integrates learning, assessments, virtual training, and mobile-based learning for precise HR decisions. Selection includes Competency Assessment, Personality Profiling, Competency-Based Interviews, while post-selection skill enhancement is managed through Core Competency System.

Competency Management System


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Our Competency Management System is a comprehensive and powerful solution that integrates various learning and training components, providing accurate analytics for effective HR and training decisions. The system offers a seamless process for selection, starting with Competency Assessment, Personality Profiling, and Competency Based Interviews. Once selected, employees' competency enhancement cycles are managed through the Core Competency Management System.

Task-based Competency Management between ship and shore is facilitated through intelligent synchronization using a low-cost email solution. By staying up-to-date with modern technology and recognizing the importance of effective training, we have launched an online engine to train internal staff and assist in recruiting the right talent for our clients.

Our unique application enables organizations to define competencies for different roles and automatically assign associated training and plans. It seamlessly incorporates competency skill gain/gap assessments into the learning path for all designations within the organization.

The Core Competency Management System effortlessly tracks various types of training, including Instructor Led Trainings (ILTs), Peer to Peer, and Leaders' appraisals. Regardless of where the staff is trained or tested, the system records and analyzes performance, facilitating future training requirements and identifying skill gaps.

With our CCMS, organizations can streamline their training processes, make informed decisions based on data-driven analytics, and ensure that their workforce is equipped with the right competencies to achieve excellence. It is a comprehensive and invaluable tool that empowers businesses to optimize their talent pool and drive success.


Online / Offline Screening Assessments
Online / Offline Screening Assessments
  • Selection screening for specific skill sets
  • Standardized screening criteria
Psychological Profiling
Psychological Profiling
  • Selecting the right attitude & personality profiles
Competency-Based Interviews Solution
Competency-Based Interviews Solution
  • Standardized interviews
  • Knowledge-based selection
  • Behavior-based competency selections
Documented Interviews
Documented Interviews
  • Documented interviews
  • Extensive analysis and comparison
Post Joining Process and ROIs
Post Joining Process and ROIs
  • Learning Management System for long-term learning plans
  • Virtual Classroom Application for Virtual ILTs
  • Competency Management System for defining and tracking competencies
  • Manage knowledge and behavior competencies
  • Conduct skill gain/skill gap analysis for further planning
  • Analyzed and skill gap-based training approach
  • Cost benefits of conducting required trainings
  • Facilitates long-term learning plans with minimal manual intervention
  • Seamless tracking of online, LAN-based, computer-based, and mobile-based trainings
  • Skill gap-based recommended training with certification driven approach.
LMS empowers

The Competency Management System is a feature-rich solution designed to streamline competency-based assessments and evaluations. It encompasses a wide range of features, including webcam and VOIP integration for remote interviews, scenario-based and objective assessments for comprehensive evaluation, and question management for efficient testing. The system ensures corporate standardization and offers user management capabilities for seamless administration.

It facilitates competency mapping, allowing organizations to align employee skills with business objectives. Moreover, the system provides documented evidence for thorough record-keeping and analysis. With its versatile features and user-friendly interface, the Competency Management System stands as an invaluable tool for optimizing talent, making data-driven HR decisions, and enhancing overall organizational performance.


Scorm Based
Efficient Screening

Online/Offline assessments to find specific skill sets.

Collaborative Tools
Standardized Criteria

Ensure uniformity in selection processes.

User Management
Psychological Insights

Profiling for the right attitude & personality.

Assets Repository
Holistic Evaluation

Competency-based interviews for a comprehensive understanding.

Process Management
Documented Reviews

Detailed interview records for reference.

Record Analysis
In-depth Analysis

Comparative insights for informed decisions.

Course Assigning
Time & Cost Savings

Efficient processes reduce resource wastage.

Course Suggestions
Targeted Selection

Ensures potential matches with organizational needs.

Discussion Forum
Skill Gap Analytics

Identify and plan for employee training needs.

Learning Plan
Holistic HR Solutions

From managing knowledge and behavior competencies to conducting training assessments.

Learning Assessment
ROI-Focused Training

Only conduct necessary training for cost benefits.

Easy Integration
Seamless Learning Tracking

From online to mobile-based training, every mode is consistently monitored.


Browser Based
Browser Based

Access the products from any web browser, without the need for any software installations or downloads.

Window Based
Window Based

Optimized for Windows OS, offering a seamless user experience and integration with native Windows functionalities.

Lan Based
LAN Based

Designed for Local Area Network deployments, ensuring fast and secure access within your organization's premises.

Browser Compatibility
Browser Compatibility

Built for cross-browser support, ensuring consistent user experience whether you're on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or others.

Microsoft Technology
Microsoft Technology

Leverages the power and versatility of Microsoft technologies, offering robustness, security, and scalability to the LMS.

Sql Backend
SQL Backend

Employs SQL databases for data storage and management, ensuring rapid data retrieval, robust analytics, and reliability.

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