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We offer you a full webcast production service which includes everything you need in order to produce your webcast.

With the rise of high end streaming media technology, Webcasts have become need of the hour. Webcasting lets you extend the reach of your event to all corners of the world, crossing all physical or geographical boundaries. Webcasts also have the concept of showcasing your event live/on-demand, and has gained popularity like never before.

Image Full Service Webcast Production

Core Competency offers you a full webcast production service, and has everything you need for production of your webcast. We can provide you with full webcast production hardware, which includes an encoder and a remote kit with cameras and microphones. We can also provide an experienced crew to make your event seamless and accessible online to your target audience. We also offer all the hardware that goes into a live broadcast setup. We give our clients the option of choosing from a single camera unit to a multi-camera setup with a production switcher enabling them to give high quality webcasts.

Managed Services

Core Competency provides and manages live and on-demand streaming media services and also takes care of all aspects of online delivery including:

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  • Production
  • Content Acquisition
  • Encoding
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  • Delivery
  • Website Integration

Whether the method used is onsite or offsite webcast production, we assure that your event is securely placed into the content delivery network for spreading and reaching your end users.

Onsite Webcast Production

With an ever-increasing requirement of visibility in the industry, people understand the need to be showcased on every platform. We at Core Competency, provide extensive webcast production services across the country. The power of internet takes us places, and makes us touch different horizons. Based in Delhi, we have producers who have many years of experience in producing high-profile webcasts. We have a set of strategically distributed packages, cost effective to meet your budget, producing and encoding your webcast event right on site.

Offsite Webcast Production

When on-site encoding is not an option, perhaps due to inadequate Internet connectivity we offer you the option of acquiring content from the location and streaming it from our studio. It is at this same facility that your event will be monitored by our Project Management team.

Industry Experience

Core Competency’s team of webcast production professionals has produced several webcasts across many different industries and are capable of setting up and delivering an event live, at a short notice.

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