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We Provide training videos produced by our corporate video production service, they are a highly effective medium to train your target audience with the help of visually instructions.

Training and Development is a vital part of the human resource development.

Core Competency is the best training video production company and has produced training videos for many big national and international corporate.

With an in-house team of script writers, subject matter experts, researchers, visualizers and instructional designers, for us creating video based training on any topic or subject is a work of aesthetics.

Video trainings effectively bring behavior changes, ideal for soft skills, product, equipment and induction trainings.

We have specialization in:
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  • Developing Training for a niche sector of High Risk industry including Aviation, Mercantile Marine, Automobile, Mining, Transportation, Heavy Manufacturing Industries, Oil & gas industry etc.
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  • Compliance and regulatory trainings for Banking, Insurance sectors etc.
  • Corporate Audio Visuals
  • Corporate Internal Process Trainings
  • Corporate product training videos
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  • Occupational Safety and hazard management Trainings videos
  • Plant/Factory Training Videos
  • Induction Training Videos
  • Technical Training Videos
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  • Machine Training videos
  • Employee orientation
  • Soft Skills Trainings Videos
  • Product usage and product demo trainings
  • Equipment usages and maintenance trainings

Successful training video production with the team of experts is what Core Competency leads in.

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