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Post Production

Core Competency’s video production team helps deliver effective post-production services to our valued clients…. We put dreams into motion!

At Core Competency Films, we believe that if journey to the goal is good, then reaching to the final destination is not only easy it is enjoyable and end results are unique. We enjoy each and every step to the finally produced video product.

When dreams, ideas and a journey are combined together and placed next to each other in just the right fashion, they start breathing and come alive, as an amalgamation that can be defined as creative vision with superlative meaning, explicit emotion, and deeper subtext which is beyond the imaginary radar of anyone.

We call this magic, Post Production.

The director has a vision, she/he creates concepts, visualizes the process, captures the images, all this comes as a raw footage, the directors then weave the envisioned story. We justifiably boast about our talented team of video editors, sound editors, motion designers, VFX supervisors, animators, and other post-production specialists, who create breathtaking and extraordinary sequences, perfect in imagery and supreme in quality. Our visualizers, script writers and directors then knit the concept, all visuals and ideas together, into ambitious professional outcomes, meeting the desire of our clients and needs of the target audience.

We have a team of, experienced industry specialist editors, who are pro at handling complex multi-dimensional, multi camera projects, including online edits as per the project demands. With an easy hand at all multimedia Vfx and editing tools, we package the final outcome in client’s desired format, for playing on any platform including broadcasting.

Post Production is all about teamwork, a team that shares a good camaraderie and gels with each other. Likewise, our team works together, for example, our design department works on motion graphics and VFX elements, with our composers and sound engineers simultaneously working on Sfx, background music and other audio elements to bring about a unified creative vision, The Final Film.

We provide full-end to end post-production service for the following:
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  • Corporate Audio Visuals
  • Branding videos
  • Product Video
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  • Documentaries
  • Location Shoots
  • Line Production
  • Stereoscopic 3D Films
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  • TV Commercials
  • Music Videos
  • Title Sequences
  • Graphics Packages
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  • Teaser Videos
  • Brand Videos
  • Viral Videos
  • Promo Videos
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  • Pitch Videos
  • Concert Visuals
  • Web / Social Media Video
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  • Training Videos
  • Live Web Streaming
  • Packaging ad replication

Not only this, we are also open to, and we do, experiment with the latest technologies—not for mere accolades and whistles, but because we aspire to always tell more compelling stories.

Our editors work in Final Cut Studio (Final Cut Pro, Color, Motion, and Compressor) and Avid (Media Composer, Symphony, and Pro Tools). Our designers and animators are outfitted with Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash), Maya, and an array of specialized software tools for specific applications.

Are you looking for innovative cuts? Would you like a smooth, efficient transition from pre-production through post-production? Let Core Competency pick up the baton for the production and delivery of your project. Give us this opportunity and take back from us your dream in motion.

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