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TV Commercials

For a common man, TV commercials are brand information, which are presented in a way that they entice them to buy a particular product. We are those craftsmen, who create these magical webs that cast their spell on people.

Core Competency’s video production team offers services and has completed many projects successfully with great accolades in the world of commercial production, video-brochures, infomercials and short films.

The images, content and quality of our work speak for our dedication to service and respect for customers who trust us for their projects.

The technical support of the latest processing platforms and image production, market to serving our customers, are our guarantee of quality and service.

Core Competency is a one stop destination in India which provides 3600 solutions in video production services, which include spot advertising, television commercial, corporate or industrial filmmaking, location recce, camera and grip rental, music video production, casting etc. We also have an in-house fully equipped Chroma Studio, which we also use for product shoot purposes.

We develop and produce digital content, and integrated digital campaigns for our clients all around the world.

We conduct:
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  • Video Production Professionals
  • TV production
  • Air Video, Aerial shots, Drones, Helicam, Aerial photography
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  • Film production and Development
  • Video music clips
  • TV Commercials
  • Digital editing and Special Effects
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  • Documentary Enterprise: institutional, corporate, educational, inductive, security and organizational
  • Dubbing and Subtitling
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  • Shooting in HD Digital Video with high technology.
  • Pre-Production and Post-Production Services
  • Audio-visual production services

For any production, be it a Documentary, a 10 minute corporate video or a 30 seconder commercial, we have a unique set of objectives and specific requirements. Therefore, we are very cautious and organized while accessing the creative production needs. We plan our shoots strategically, taking into account our exhaustive knowledge of local resources that help us execute any project in a most organized and efficient manner. Our experienced and truly professional team, travels to various locations as per the project demand. We have successfully completed many high standard quality projects with in major Indian cities, as well as outside India.

We provide resources to various cities of the nation. Not only TV commercials production, we are comfortable with many genres of production including Documentaries, Corporate or Industrial films, New Models Casting or simple Fashion Photo Shoots. Additionally, should the project demand, we also provide localization services like Translations, Dubbing and Subtitling.

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