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Core Competency provides services in pre-press publishing, assistance in pre-press designing in any format for any purpose and need, including books, magazine, posters, brochures, leaflets, newsletter, flyers, e-books, digitization etc.

Our team of experienced typesetters typeset your book choosing the perfect font and typestyle, type size, line leading, and hyphenation settings for the text. They take utmost care in choosing the type styles keeping the individual needs of the group of the target readers of a particular book.

Our skilled, proficient, and experienced team of people from typesetting background are adept. It is our commitment to implement latest technologies – InDesign, Quark, FrameMaker and PageMaker to avail you with the industry’s best typesetting service.

With the required skill our expert typesetters ensure you that your books, journals, broachers etc have the same “look and feel” throughout, which makes them, look pleasing and eye catching.

Our typesetters give each and every job, be it a business card and letterhead, brochures, leaflets or books with hundreds of pages, same importance and care. Our team is also specialized in other tasks.

  • A digitized data is easily storable on a server and accessible by any number of people from anywhere in the world. The best part of data digitization is that they can be reproduced without any degradation in quality.
  • With high-end infrastructure and highly trained personnel, we provide high-quality and low cost digitization services to our client spreading all across the globe.
  • We have extensive experience in this area and a thorough understanding of present-day digitization standards. Making use of these we digitize data to any format specified by our clients.
  • Our specialization in digitization services includes: Archiving, Indexing, and Scanning and OCR.
  • If you are into Book publishing services, then we are the right choice for your Indexing jobs. We use a unique method for Indexing, where we prepare the index using the soft as well as hard copy of the Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC). It is much more exhaustive and accurate than the indexes prepared manually by most of the other digitization service providing companies.
PDF Conversion
  • We provide Document Management services by scanning and then converting your documents into PDF files. These PDF files are greatly useful for storing and managing your document. PDF files can be viewed, navigated, and printed on any PC with Acrobat® Reader installed and can be used over the Internet. This feature has made this format popular for document management.
  • If your office has a huge stack of paper documents eating to your office space and you are wandering how to get rid of them without losing any single data, we have the answer. We can provide the most inexpensive solution by converting all these documents into PDF formats and putting them into CDs.
  • Our aim is to provide you the best services you deserve.
Proof Reading / QC
  • Our skilled proof readers proof read your copy to make sure that text is in good order to send them for printing. They also thoroughly compare proofs to the original copy and all the reference materials without fail to ensure that the content is complete and appropriate, concept is adequate, and materials are well organized.
  • With several years of hands-on experience in the field, our proof readers verify page proofs with various document types and style sheets, ensure uniformity and reliability in typefaces throughout the copy and correct hierarchy of headings and running heads.
  • In addition, they make sure that the copy sticks to a style guideline, references in the text are correctly cited in the bibliography, there is uniformity and reliability in typefaces throughout the copy, the Illustrations, Tables, Lists, and Figures are correctly numbered and captioned in the manuscript.
  • Solution for archiving – collecting, packaging, transporting - for all your data files.
  • We are capable of preserving your valuable content assets by converting them into flexible digital formats. We manage these archived data, process them on a real-time basis, and provide secure access of these archived data to authorized users from any location world over.
  • We entirely manage our sites for backup, software and hardware upgrades, security monitoring, etc.
  • Our archiving services include Data Backup and Duplication, Quick Document Retrieval, CD-ROM Cataloguing, PDF generation etc.
Content Research
  • Our cherished team of academically highly qualified researchers put their maximum effort in gathering facts, verifying the information, and providing the right content related to the subject matter for your books. They can abridge them as per your needs, and assist your authors to present them the way you want them to be presented.
  • Our expertise in content research can help you develop the best, unique, and reliable content for Web Site Creation, E-Learning solutions, such as CBTs and WBTs, and Books.
Desktop Publishing
  • We use different types of top high-end DTP software including QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Corel Ventura etc., and various consumer level software including Microsoft Publisher, Publish-it (Poster Software), Serif Page Plus etc. for producing the best output. Our capable desktop publishers can create special effects and visual images in your data, making it more attractive and compelling.
  • Our specialization in DTP publication includes Newsletters, Magazines, Brochures, Books, Journals, Academic Publications, Technical/Statistical manuals, and other printing media.
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Pacific Basin
Global Sea Services Ltd.
Anglo Eastern Ship Management
BW Shipping Philippines INC.
West of England
Trans Maldivian Airways
Çelebi Aviation
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines
Maruti Suzuki
Pernod Ricard

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