OCR Scanning


Having several years of experience in this service, we provide highly accurate and cost effective OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and scanning services to our clientele worldwide. While doing so we keep our esteemed client’s deadline and confidentiality in the forefront of our eyes.

With our high-end scanners and state of the art software, we convert your hard copy documents to digital and editable text. We provide you options to choose from any format of your choice, such as MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Access, TXT, RTF, PDF, and HTML, which you feel is the best for the storage and retrieval of your document.

We have with us the best trained operators who are capable of making fine adjustments to achieve the best possible image capture and convert them virtually in all the standard image formats available in the industry.

One stop shop for scanning and OCR services for CD-ROM Cataloging and Publishing, Internet Publishing OCR, Hand Print OCR, Cursive OCR, Typewritten OCR, Book Scanning, Permanent Record Scanning, Graphic and Image scan, Receipt and Bill scanning, Magazines and Paper scanning.

We cherish our long term relationship with our clients and for this we deliver you the highest quality scanning services available in the industry.

Scanning/OCR Samples