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Web-based training (WBT) is form of training, which provides delivered online. Web based training provide flexibility to train anyone, anywhere, at any time, by virtue of flexibility it provides and accessed online from any devices. If you have internet, you can hook on to the web-based training and learning occurs independently of time and space.

WBT bring large ROI to organizations by conducting majority of their trainings online. Almost 60 percent of process, regulatory, soft skill a, induction trainings, and much more; can now be online or web enabled. It is this most convenient, cost-effective, and flexible methods of training, especially for large, multinational companies.

Especially the new millennia and more so after the COVID pandemic web-based training has become an absolute essential for all organizations. With multimedia technologies, a very interactive rich web-based trainings can be developed and delivered by our team; to ensure retention and to keep the audiences involved and engaged. Web and computer-based training are now scientifically proven methods of best educations with low-cost involvements.

The organizations should opt for skill gap-based approach to train and re- train their staff.

Our team of highly skilled instructional designers, and subject matter experts, designers, animators, and programmers combine to create innovative learning solutions for your employees. We deliver top-quality corporate training/E-Learning and a range of solutions to drive productivity throughout your business.

Web and computer-based training is a proven method for delivering customized learning material and focused and ensuring skill enhancements.

Our customers support services enable easy updating the content and our IT team can also provide and support any Learning management system.

Courses developed by us can be hosted on any SCORM compatible training portal, including our own LMS, that enables the organization to offer multiple courses and electronically track each employee's progress.

The e-learning or WBT plan will serve to train new employees as well increase the skill levels of existing work force. Our technology-based delivery solutions, and customized content, would fit best for any small, mid-sized or a large organizations and employees.

From global companies to medium-sized businesses, we have deep expertise in delivering effective eLearning solutions at all scales.

A long client list and some of the world's most prominent business names attests to our industry-leading expertise. Discover how we can help with your learning and development goals

Core Competency Advantages
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  • A well analyzed skill gap-based approach is adapted to identify the real need of training instead of investing in generic trainings which may not be that effective.
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  • Highly specialized in-house teams and course developers at a lower cost
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  • WBTs and learning material can be completely customized, by us, for any organization.
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  • All e-learning, WBT, CBT development catered by in-house – from scripting to instructional designing to any media elements including videos, animations, 3D, and gamification
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  • With our ongoing support to our clients, your content can be easily updated anytime by our team.
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  • Assured interactive and effective and timely content delivery assured.
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  • Content developer and IT solution provides work together to bring the best to you.

Our clients

Pacific Basin
Global Sea Services Ltd.
Anglo Eastern Ship Management
BW Shipping Philippines INC.
West of England
Trans Maldivian Airways
Çelebi Aviation
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines
Maruti Suzuki
Pernod Ricard

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