Psychological Profiling


Psychological test (PQ) for Trainees (P Test), and Managerial Coefficient/PQ test for management (C Test), Core Competency Personality Profiling Applications accurately gauge General Attitude as well as / Quality Evaluation Managerial Acumens.


Scientific 98% accurate results.


The tests are developed by expert panel of psychologists providing scientifically proven 98% accurate personality profile results.


The results and reports are easy to interpret results by any HR staff and would not /may not require any further interpretations by experts.


All key traits are graphically represented and reports can be easily exported or emailed in different formats.



  • Selection of right attitudes and behaviors
  • One of its kinds in the world
  • Caters to Competency Based interviewing
  • Knowledge Based
  • Behavior based
  • Documented Interviews
  • Creates Company Uniform Standards for interviews
  • Online as well as offline / LAN based
  • Extensive comparison / result analysis
  • Can conduct face to face as well as remote interviews with VOIP and WEB CAM
  • Standard selections across organization/regions
  • Most would be able to conduct interviews for any cadre
98% Accurate Scientific


General Profiling


Leaders Profiling


Graphical Reports


Standard Factor


User Management


Online Publishing


Mobile Client


Desktop & Web Based


Profiling Management


Intertional Standardization

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